Animation of E8 Lattice

Emergent theory: a synthesized model of a larger, more complete/perfect foundational unit of  unified reality. Taking a step back in perspective to theorize the possibility of a larger unit from which all smaller units of perception derive. 2D, 3d, 4d all perceived as incomplete fragments of this larger 8d unit, the result of some accelerated impact or collision undergone by the 8d structure. the belief that nature keeps its foundational units in perfect and finely nuanced balance and symmetry. Evolving and adapting through all of time , which in quantum theory,  is happening at the same time all of the time. Past, Present and Future, there is no separation. not only that but these"crystals" in perfect geometric concert are receptive and responsive to human awareness and perception. our conscious attention gives them life as they give us the foundation of awareness itself.  a reciprocating feedback loop of symbiotic expression.