Emergent behaviors, rhizome theory, Decentralization, peer to peer technology and public education

This blog will serve as an informal archive for my research into the presumed cross-section between emergent order (economics), rhizome theory (Deleuze), peer to peer technology (uber), the blockchain (public ledgers and bitcoin tech)  and their application to mobile, public educational development on a world wide scale. In effect, returning the power and right of knowledge to the "masses" and retrieving it from privatized and corrupt learning institutions. It's no secret that we are living in the age of the "network" and contrary to certain beliefs I will attempt to extrude the benefits and intelligence of hive minded cooperative evolution amongst the human species. Emergent theory suggests, and I agree (but at this point based solely on theory and not empirical evidence)  that we are a unified organism made up of individual actors behaving out of self interest with our own systems of social justice and group monitoring, checks and balances based on ideas such as public reputation documented by internet rating systems and courts of public opinions, ie, transparency. A new network and system of economics based not on paranoia and need for authority but rather one based on invisible trust and cooperation is emerging. These are the values that drive this new economy as many critics of this new tech suggest that cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value. I disagree, again based solely on theory at this point, and will attempt to prove that ephemeral systems such as trust and collective purpose will provide value to these new systems of economics, education and information sharing in this age of network speed, data consumption and rapidly shifting narratives. New tech simply demands, at this cycle, that we evolve up to it's level and become the worthy, capable users of it's often progressive self evolving genesis.