Algorithmic Sounds With Cellular Automata & Granular Synthesis by Eddy W

 Amazing Max/MSP synth, started out as an attempt by it's creator, EDDY W, to make a musical system that used chaotic data as it's input. Somewhat like a "generative system" that is ever evolving and never repeating. Brian eno is very big into these kinds of music making systems and has spoken about them extensively for some time. In this case, I imagine in order to simplify his task, Eddy W introduced the simple variants of the 2D cellular automata rule sets in order to give some shape to his proposed "chaotic data" system. Though it ceases to be "chaotic" with this introduction it is none the less fascinating. The idea of incorporating scientific data, scatter graph midi overlays and sociological graphing as musical data has always been an intriguing compositional possibility for me. This little gem does it with such style and ease of use.