zhuang zhou: the ineffable, shapeless and infinite void, a model for living.

Zhuangzi 's use of "spontaneous order" in his development of Taoist philosophy:  it's emergence was in response to the bloated and politically saturated state of buddhism and the authoritative state of wide spread Confucianism in 500 BCE China. ludicracy,  human spontaneity and absurdity in the face of moral design. it stresses the concept of non-action or non interference with the natural order of things. highlighting the randomness of human action through nonsensical parables in order to exploit the utter absurdity of the human mind thinking it can even comprehend the complexity of what it is trying to design. it works in conjunction with Confucianism and Buddhism, these three systems of check and balance were known as the "3 doctrines". 

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F.A. Hayek on Spontaneous Order: The False and impossible task of mandating markets w authoritarian, top-down design.

?rel=0/////CONNECTIONS BETWEEN ZHUANG ZHOU (200 BCE TAOIST PHILOSOPHY), LIBERTARIANISM , SPONTANEOUS ORDER (HAYEK) AND EMERGING DECENTRALIZED MARKETS (CRYPTOCURRENCY) when left unregulated and untempered and in conjunction with the  decriminalization of drug markets, people begin to adopt these streams of exchange with incredible speed.  evolving from a grass roots level instead of being dropped on top of supposed "broken systems"


Animation of E8 Lattice

Emergent theory: a synthesized model of a larger, more complete/perfect foundational unit of  unified reality. Taking a step back in perspective to theorize the possibility of a larger unit from which all smaller units of perception derive. 2D, 3d, 4d all perceived as incomplete fragments of this larger 8d unit, the result of some accelerated impact or collision undergone by the 8d structure. the belief that nature keeps its foundational units in perfect and finely nuanced balance and symmetry. Evolving and adapting through all of time , which in quantum theory,  is happening at the same time all of the time. Past, Present and Future, there is no separation. not only that but these"crystals" in perfect geometric concert are receptive and responsive to human awareness and perception. our conscious attention gives them life as they give us the foundation of awareness itself.  a reciprocating feedback loop of symbiotic expression.

Emergent Order, a way through

Emergent Order: The evidence and origin of this concept. From Adam Smith's the Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments through Stephen Wolfram and A New Kind of Science.The Origin of Consciousness and The Void as a state of divine perfection, purity and absolutism.  Attempting to answer the question of human purpose through observing patterns in human work, subconscious emergent cooperation, emergent technology, systems of government (failed and successful), economic systems (failed and successful)What came first, the chicken or the chicken's awareness of itself? In attempting to trace the origin of divine consciousness back to it's origin we run into the problem of original creation. If consciousness is an Emergent system that came to be through the friction caused by binary tension between void and structure then what created the void and is it an emergent system resulting from previous resolved frictions? This section will include my theory that human emotions ie, love, envy, loneliness etc are trace emotions that even the most divine astro-biologically quantum beings share and grapple with. The Material, World of Form as a System of Measure The only way for consciousness and void to solve the problem of it's own origin is to begin studying itself through systematic measure and employment of networks of consciousness farms, ie: earth. Simple systems of self generation baked into human and material DNA. Cellular Automata, etc.The Damaged Cell. Sacrificial actors, slave economics and elected officials: Employees of the Hive Will. An argument for bottom up legislation and the intelligent design of the hive when selecting which sacrificial actors to elect to positions of resource management, symbolic heads of government and authority and their known expiration through the weight of hyper-concentrated power.  The Medium is the Message: The monumentally underestimated significance of this recent human achievement: The Internet as an antenna connecting individual consciousnesses into one hive mind. The true importance of this technological achievement, it's suppression, corruption and mislabeling.  We exit the unsavory but necessary era of self importance and enter the era of hive calculation. The restructuring and tearing down of the exhausted systems and their actors that helped us achieve this tech. In service of the divine consciousness: A new religion, moral template and purpose for human kind. The greatest and most misguided human "sin" is that of entitlement and ownership of individual success and achievement. A Way Through.......


Algorithmic Sounds With Cellular Automata & Granular Synthesis by Eddy W

 Amazing Max/MSP synth, started out as an attempt by it's creator, EDDY W, to make a musical system that used chaotic data as it's input. Somewhat like a "generative system" that is ever evolving and never repeating. Brian eno is very big into these kinds of music making systems and has spoken about them extensively for some time. In this case, I imagine in order to simplify his task, Eddy W introduced the simple variants of the 2D cellular automata rule sets in order to give some shape to his proposed "chaotic data" system. Though it ceases to be "chaotic" with this introduction it is none the less fascinating. The idea of incorporating scientific data, scatter graph midi overlays and sociological graphing as musical data has always been an intriguing compositional possibility for me. This little gem does it with such style and ease of use. 

Emergence vs. Evoltution (the experimental systems that supercede natural selection)

Emergence theory gives insight into the possible direction of human enlightenment. Putting aside the scientific overlay of natural selection and applying this new film we can feel a sense of freedom from a strict, well-trodden and calculated evolution. Through the former filter of natural selection we are able to follow systematic and rational results into the 10, 20 and 50 year future with relative reassurance. Watching as dooms-day results slowly fall into their predetermined place. Survival of the fittest running a parallel course with might and imposed dominance. A "conscious selection" begins to take shape through vast corporations and powerful minorities all racing toward a singular pinnacle of economic fitness and self preservation through imposed extinction. Emergence gives a much needed opening to the flawed Darwinian imperative. With Emergent Evolution with give half of the evolutionary burden back to the experimental whims of natural mystery. "In philosophy, systems theory, science and art emergence is a phenomenon whereby larger entities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities such that the larger entities exhibit properties the smaller/simpler entities do not exhibit." The unpredictability of these newer emergent systems have given rise to such things as consciousness, mind, the internet, government, cryptocurrency and social media. Undetermined and unforeseen by most if not all of the collective population if evidence in historical and fictional literature is taken as proof. Systems of value preceded authority over their trade. Authority over large scale trade preceded government. Government is an emergent order that evolved out of the already existing systems of human value of possession and systems of trade.  

Emergent behaviors, rhizome theory, Decentralization, peer to peer technology and public education

This blog will serve as an informal archive for my research into the presumed cross-section between emergent order (economics), rhizome theory (Deleuze), peer to peer technology (uber), the blockchain (public ledgers and bitcoin tech)  and their application to mobile, public educational development on a world wide scale. In effect, returning the power and right of knowledge to the "masses" and retrieving it from privatized and corrupt learning institutions. It's no secret that we are living in the age of the "network" and contrary to certain beliefs I will attempt to extrude the benefits and intelligence of hive minded cooperative evolution amongst the human species. Emergent theory suggests, and I agree (but at this point based solely on theory and not empirical evidence)  that we are a unified organism made up of individual actors behaving out of self interest with our own systems of social justice and group monitoring, checks and balances based on ideas such as public reputation documented by internet rating systems and courts of public opinions, ie, transparency. A new network and system of economics based not on paranoia and need for authority but rather one based on invisible trust and cooperation is emerging. These are the values that drive this new economy as many critics of this new tech suggest that cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value. I disagree, again based solely on theory at this point, and will attempt to prove that ephemeral systems such as trust and collective purpose will provide value to these new systems of economics, education and information sharing in this age of network speed, data consumption and rapidly shifting narratives. New tech simply demands, at this cycle, that we evolve up to it's level and become the worthy, capable users of it's often progressive self evolving genesis.